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Mersen shares are listed on the Euronext Paris market under ISIN code FR0000039620.

Various ownership options

Shares are said to be bearer shares when they are held in an account and managed by a financial institution without the identity of their holder being known to the issuing company. By default, all shares acquired on the stock market are bearer shares.

Shares are said to be registered when they are recorded in the accounts of the issuing company. In this case, shareholders have two options: either entrusting management of their shares to a financial intermediary (intermediary registered shares) or entrusting management of their shares to the Group’s own securities department (directly registered shares).

Holding shares in registered form exempts shareholders from having to pay custody fees and management costs and means that they systematically receive information from the Mersen group.

Who to contact?

  • If you would like to buy stock and hold it in registered form:

Please apply to:

Registered share service:

BNP Paribas Securities
Services G.C.T.Emetteurs
Relations Actionnaires
Grands Moulins de Pantin
93500 Pantin
Tel.: 0 826 109 119
Tel. (from outside France): +33 1 55 77 40 57
Fax : +33 1 55 77 34 17

  • If you would like to transfer your shares to registered form:

You have to fill in the form below: conversion to registered form. Once you have completed it, you should simply send it to the financial institution managing your securities account or your PEA equity savings account.

     Conversion to registered form

  • If you want to hold your shares in bearer form:

Please contact your financial intermediary/account administrator (bank, private bank, stock broker or online broker).