Management principles

Responsibility, trust in individuals and respect for all cultures.

Responsible management

At Mersen, managers have a duty to lead by example. Faithful and honest, they take responsibility for their actions by exercising tight control. They also break the Group's strategy down into priorities and implement it. They are also in charge of taking employees to task for mistakes and helping them to learn the lessons for the future.

Trust-based management

Mersen fosters a culture of initiative-taking and autonomy. The role of its managers is to put their employees in a position to achieve success and to develop their talents by delegating extensive assignments and by giving them responsibility. They must also be able to mobilize teams, listen to their needs and pass on strategic information about the Group to them.

Respectful stewardship

With a presence in around 35 countries, Mersen’s approach to globalization is respectful of local cultures. In many cases, its managers are recruited locally. They have to adapt their behavior to the culture of their employees.