Corporate vision

Mersen's corporate vision is primarily people-driven. That's why we are committed to developing our teams and to deploying the necessary resources to ensure their safety and personal fulfillment.

Mersen - human capital - safety

Our vision is built on values shared around the world to guide our business practices.

A focus on people

Our growth is shaped and secured by respect for our human capital and a commitment to the fulfillment of our people.


To offer customers fast, local response, Mersen has successfully expanded its presence around the world.

Continuous improvement

Mersen is engaged in a commitment to quality and continuous improvement to satisfy and delight its customers and its suppliers.


Mersen never compromises on safety or environmental stewardship, and consistently comply with standards governing its business activities. This commitment is backed up by a corporate social responsibility process, a core component of our vision.

Most of the Group's manufacturing facilities have been certified to ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 standards.

Profitable growth

Our choices for securing our future growth are guided by a commitment to profitability.