Innovating together, into the future

As a Group that began 120 years ago with our founders' discovery of a process for making synthetic graphite, innovation is clearly a core component of our corporate DNA.

Mersen innovation - graphite - carbon


Mersen has long been an innovation-driven enterprise, from as far back as 1893, when our carbon graphitation process was patented.

However, far from the ivory tower, our innovation process is real-world, applications-based, always beginning with the same questions. Where are markets heading? And in response, what will our customers need tomorrow or far into the future?


For Mersen, innovation is nurtured by:

  • close to the customer relationships,
  • insight into their challenges,
  • understanding of their environments and applications,

all combined with the ability to design highly sophisticated products and produce one-of-a-kind components to meet the demanding standards of industry leaders. 


Innovation demands the right resources in the right place.

Knowledge and best practices are seamlessly shared across our R&D teams, which are organized into specialized labs coordinated by a cross-divisional steering committee.

Innovation is also stimulated by the "Innovation Contests" organized every year to celebrate the most promising initiatives for future development.

To support these innovations, our labs are equipped with testing and simulation facilities capable of reproducing customer environments and conditions of use, including:

  • test beds to replicate the most exacting conditions in which our electrical solutions will be used.
  • systems to simulate any type of environment (extreme temperatures and humidity) to measure the useful life and performance of our carbon-based products.

Technical partnerships

Mersen has forged close relationships with eminent partners, such as universities, major engineering schools and some of the world's most renowned research institutes (CNRS, CEA, Fraunhofer, Ines, Minatec, Idaho National Lab...).

  • Technical partnership - Mersen - CNRS
  • Technical partnership - Mersen - CEA
  • Technical partnership - Mersen - Fraunhofer
  • Technical partnership - Mersen - Ines
  • Technical partnership - Mersen - Minatec
  • Technical partnership - Mersen - INL

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