Mersen's primary objective is to create value for customers.

By leveraging our in-depth market knowledge and our close, carefully nurtured customer relationships, we can capture future trends and effectively support stakeholders in five core markets.



Demand for energy is steadily rising, even as fossil fuel reserves dwindle and carbon emissions must be reduced. Alternative energy sources offer an ideal solution, if they can be made more competitive.


Mersen is developing new technological solutions that facilitate the use of renewables energies while enhancing their cost-effectiveness.

SOLAR POWER - Mersen is active across the complex solar cell manufacturing process and is helping to make the industry more competitive.

  • polysilicon production: complex graphite components and equipment that can withstand extremely demanding environments during the transformation of quartz into polysilicon rods;
  • ingot manufacturing: furnace linings, machined graphite parts, furnace insulation;
  • surface treatments: graphite and composite material equipment;
  • solar panel installation: dedicated, high-tech electrical protection solutions.

WIND POWER - Mersen is a benchmark supplier to the wind industry, serving both the OEM and replacement markets. Our lineup of solutions and services includes:

Mersen is thoroughly proficient in the procedures and regulations governing this alternative energy, and designs state-of-the-art equipment for reactor auxiliary systems

Mersen also provides a host of solutions for conventional energy installations. Certified by the leading turbo-generator manufacturers, our instruments and devices have made us a leading source of equipment for thermal power stations.


The shift from fossil fuel to renewable energies and the pressing need to enhance energy efficiency is spurring the development of power electronics.

From microprocessors to LEDs, new applications are constantly being found for semiconductors.

Mersen is active both the upstream and downstream of the electronics market.

UPSTREAM - we equip the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers with ultra-pure graphite components that help to ensure optimal efficiency in their fabrication processes.

DOWNSTREAM - we are driving energy efficiency with a power electronics bundle offer combining busbars, fuses and cooling devices.


In response to strong global demand for passenger travel, the railway and aerospace industries are designing a wide array of viable, long-term solutions.

Mersen has forged close ties with the leaders of these industries for the supply of:

⇒ high-performance equipment for railway infrastructure and rolling stock, with applications in both power electronics and power transmission (third-rail shoes, pantograph strips, electric motor brushes, etc...)

⇒ composite material components and electrical control systems for the aerospace industry.

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Chemicals are everywhere in our lives, from fertilizers needed to meet the global challenge of food production to fast-moving consumer goods in ever-growing demand. As life expectancies lengthen, the pharmaceuticals industry also needs to address new healthcare needs and challenges.

Mersen designs an extensive range of made-to-measure graphite and reactive metal equipment for turnkey delivery to the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries:

They are used to circulate and store highly corrosive or hot fluids, with applications in organic chemistry (plastics, silicones, PVC, polyurethane, etc.), inorganic chemistry (gas, pigments, fertilizers, etc.) and fine chemicals (pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, resins and paint).


Mersen is committed to providing products, services and support to enable process industries to become more energy efficient and safer.

These industries, such as steelmaking, papermaking and glassmaking, have long been one of our leading businesses. Our carbon brushes, industrial fuses, contactors and purpose-designed graphite components are fitted on production lines around the world. We also offer electrical protection solutions for manufacturing installations, which comply with the world's leading standards.

Our broad-based production and distribution network positions us very close to our customers, so that even their most specialized requirements can be met on a timely basis.

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Solutions to the fast-track development of alternative energies.

Mersen - alternative energies - wind - solar


At the heart of energy efficiency, on substrate and
power inverters markets.

Mersen - semiconductor fab equipment - electronics


Solutions for mass urban transit, rail systems and aerospace.

Mersen - mass urban transit - railways

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

A complete offer of anticorrosion process equipment.

Mersen - chemicals - anticorrosive equipment

Process industries

Mersen helps process industries to achieve greater energy efficiency.

Mersen - process industries - energy efficiency