Strategic vision

Mersen's growth model is built on delivering excellence in two core businesses - Materials and Electrical - thanks to its broad global footprint, talented people and powerful operating fundamentals.

In addition to our major markets, these core competencies are being harnessed to drive growth in two other segments, renewable energies and electronics, where our capabilities are being strengthened by innovation, targeted acquisitions and a strong presence in Asia.

Renewable energies
Since 2005, Mersen has been helping to develop the renewables industry, with a focus on solar power. Backed by our unrivalled expertise, we are improving the efficiency of customer processes, thereby enhancing the viability of the entire renewable energy sector.

Electronics, the heart of energy efficiency
In an increasingly power-hungry world, new issues are emerging that pose serious technical challenges, such as power conversion and transmission, and the need for greater energy efficiency.

Mersen is assertively addressing these issues with high-value added products in its two core businesses, Materials and Electrical.

Innovating to serve expanding markets
At Mersen, innovation is driven by close cooperation with customers, insightful understanding of their challenges, environments and applications, and the ability to develop highly complex products and produce unique components to meet the specific needs of industry leaders.

Targeted acquisitions
Mersen is deploying an investment and acquisitions strategy carefully tailored to each core business. In particular, we are reviewing acquisition opportunities that will enable us to extend our product portfolio and enhance our ability to act as a preferred partner in our growth markets.

A strong presence in Asia
In recent years, Mersen has broadened and deepened its presence in Asia, to consolidate its close relationships with the leading manufacturers in the promising markets. Thanks to a highly effective sales network, we are capturing the strong growth in local markets, where we hold leadership positions.