Electronics - the heart of energy efficiency

Mersen is involved in the electronics market at two levels:

⇒ in the semiconductor fab process, with increasingly sophisticated graphite products.
 in power electronics components, with a unique bundle offer, combining cooling devices, laminated busbars and semiconductor fuses.


Mersen provides core components for the fabrication of semiconductors based on silicon or on new materials like SiC, GaN and GaAs.

The latter require the use of continuously improved technologies and increasingly sophisticated graphite products.

We are helping to improve the efficiency of our customers' new components by steadily developing new functions and features. Backed by a global manufacturing and sales organization, we can offer leading OEMs end-to-end solutions, with purpose-designed components, materials expertise and precision tooling.


Power electronics, which are used to convert the current, voltage and/or frequency
of electric power, have found application in three main industries.

  • energy,
  • transportation,
  • manufacturing and data processing.

Mersen has deployed an efficient business model to play a critical, cost-effective role in this market: 

  • superior expertise to meet and exceed the standards of leading OEMs,
  • high performance design capabilities,
  • an international presence aligned with the market,
  • a unique bundle offer.

These bundled solutions offer several competitive advantages:

  • the ability to own and market, in a single package, three high performance technologies (fuses, busbars and cooling devices),
  • the guarantee of very broad coverage across the full range of applications,
  • the possibility of upstream involvement in new development projects.

    power electronics - Mersen's bundle offer