Renewable energies


One of the main challenges for the photovoltaic industry is to achieve grid parity with conventional power sources. 

Mersen is directly helping to drive this convergence by developing graphite-based, anticorrosive and high-temperature resistant components that improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cell production processes. We also design equipment engineered to protect electrical installations on solar farms.

Mersen is uniquely positioned along the solar energy chain enabling it to capture market growth with:

  • unique products, in terms of size and quantity,
  • a unique customer portfolio in the United States, Europe and Asia
  • a unique manufacturing base, enabling it to meet local growth in demand around the world.
solar - graphite equipment - Mersen


Thanks to its understanding of electrical rotating machines, proficiency in signal transfer systems, and long years of experience, Mersen offers:

Our field engineers work closely with customers to design reliable components and to train their teams to use them safely and effectively

wind - signal transmission - electrical protection - Mersen