Human capital

Compensation and benefits

Mersen’s compensation and benefits packages are compared on a regular basis with practices in different countries and remain highly attractive for employees.

These are integrated packages reflecting individual and collective performance, but also a long-term commitment with the sale of shares to employees, for instance.

A highly motivating variable portion reflecting individual and collective performance

In line with the Group’s culture, Mersen’s wage policy rewards both collective and personal performance. Accordingly, all employees are involved in the drive for growth and reap the rewards.

The variable portion of managers’ pay is linked to all aspects of their management. This may include the attainment of financial, commercial or even safety and customer satisfaction objectives.

Regular issues of shares to employees

Because its employees represent its fundamental capital, it is only normal for Mersen to include them in its ownership structure. That is why increases in capital are regularly reserved for its employees.The latest capital increase went ahead during September 2011 for employees in 9 of the countries in which the Group is present (for the first time in China).

Supplementary pension plans after professional career

Faithful to its philosophy of long-term action and its sense of responsibility, Mersen’s wage policy is built on sustainable foundations. Mersen has chosen to support its employees even after their career with the Group ends. Accordingly, two supplementary Pere and Perco pension plans were signed with labor partners in France during 2009. Attractive to prospective job candidates, they also demonstrate the Group’s sustainable commitment to helping each of its employees plan ahead for retirement. Similar arrangements taking into account local characteristics have also been introduced or are being studied in other countries.