Human capital


The first steps taken by employees at a new workplace can have a crucial influence over what they ultimately accomplish. That is why the Group pays close attention to the way in which it welcomes new hires on board.

Mersen - human capital - new hires

A highly structured induction program

The "Mersen LINK" (Liaising, Integrating, Networking, Knowing) is a personalized individual or group coaching program that is designed to ensure successful integration within the group.

It allows us to help enployees to:

⇒ create a network,
⇒ integrate newly acquired companies in the Group,
⇒ transmit Mersen's culture and values,
⇒ attract the best talents and earn their loyalty,
⇒ encourage team work,
⇒ facilitate cross-divisional projets, which accelerate the company's development,
⇒ as well as transfer our know-how, which is pivotal to our growth.

It is a program that focuses on individual and personalized coaching for successful integration within the company.

Emphasis on human interaction

Mersen is a company with a firmly entrenched and longstanding corporate culture in which your word counts just as much as any written documents. Human values carry as much weight as the Group’s rules, which are highly transparent. And so the best way to become integrated is through contact with those working around you.

This involves management, with meetings being arranged every year between members of the management team at sites and the Group’s new employees. And each country and each business segment designs its own individual introduction to the Group that may include site visits, meetings or even workshop sessions.