Human capital


Mersen is a vibrant group in which careers can be built through moves from one country to another and from one business segment to another. There are no constraints, but it always offers genuine opportunities for individual advancement.

Mersen - Human capital - Mobility

All job offers are published first on the Group’s intranet before they are advertised externally. Geographical and professional mobility represents a means for Mersen to consolidate its cohesion and its multi-disciplinary approach.

International exposure

Mersen’s international dimension provides employees with genuine career development opportunities. With a presence spanning over 35 countries, its facilities are close at hand right around the world. Shanghai, Toronto, Milan and New Jersey are just some of the locations in which the Mersen group is present.

Professional mobility

Since it is pursuing a market strategy requiring a stronger multi-disciplinary approach, Mersen has gradually increased the number of pathways between its business segments, and these are clearly defined in its job mapping.

Individual reviews, a key management tool, provide an opportunity for discussion giving each employee an understanding of his/her place and how he or she can advance within the organization. An annual review of the promotion opportunities for the Group’s managers is held as part of the Career Committees organized at each site around the world.