Human capital


Mersen’s primary wealth is the expertise of its employees, an incisive combination of knowledge with safe and precise technical practices. First and foremost, we are a group of talented people driven by individual and collective passions

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A culture of permanent learning

Learning is part of our corporate culture and part of daily life at Mersen. To help them advance and prepare for responsibilities in the future, employees at all levels of the Group regularly attend training sessions, as well as performing training assignments that deliberately focus on topics outside their usual field of expertise.

Mersen has rolled out a worldwide training policy as part of its program of forward jobs and skills planning. Group training sessions are held, for instance, covering aspects such as project and safety management.

Each Group training program is rolled out around the world to ensure consistency and maximum efficiency at all the Group’s plants.

Individual opportunities from the beginning to the end of career

Professional training throughout employees’ career represents a key tool in retraining and developing individuals. It aims to give every employee a chance to acquire new skills made necessary by changes in organizations and businesses. Upon their arrival at the Group, new hires are enrolled in an e-Learning based training program.

During the second part of their career, particularly close attention is paid to the training of seniors because adapting and developing competencies, especially from a technical standpoint, represent key factors keeping them in employment.