Human capital

Embracing diversity

Mersen is a large human patchwork, representing a genuine melting pot of different genders, ages and cultures. This diversity makes it possible to harness all types of intelligence and creativity in order to develop unique solutions. But this is a never-ending task on which the Group is constantly working.

Mersen - human capital - diversity

To entrench and reinforce the diversity initiative, the Group launched the Mersen Diversity program during 2010. As a signatory in 2010 of the French corporate diversity charter, the Group has committed to combat all forms of discrimination by safeguarding respect for and promoting diversity.

Mersen holds discussions on best practices with other businesses within the AFMD (French association of diversity managers), of which it is a member.

Gender balance

Mersen has not resigned itself to accepting the limited number of women in management positions in industry. Indeed, the Group is taking bold measures to increase the number of women in management positions and wants to establish new working models better reconciling the home and working lives of employees.

Support for seniors

Given the large size of its expert staff, Mersen must meet two challenges: make adjustments for the end of their careers to take into account drudgery and ensure transfer of their technical skills. This is why we have different dialogue and exchange-based tools that create a favorable setting to accompany our staff throughout their careers within the Mersen Group.

Employment of disabled workers

Mersen, which regularly outsources work to specialized workshops, aims to employ a growing number of disabled employees. To this end, it has forged a partnership with the Arpeje H association in France.

Cultural diversity

Mersen’s global reach naturally enhances its cultural diversity. Mersen manages this diversity by fostering cooperation between employees in different countries and different teams, encouraging geographical mobility and respecting minorities present within it.