Human capital

Gender balance

Like many other industrial companies, Mersen finds it hard to recruit women for its management positions. The Group has set about remedying this imbalance by launching several initiatives. And these are already paying off.

Mersen - human capital - gender balance - WiN network

Diverse range of measures to recruit women to management positions

Gender balance, which has been identified as a priority objective for the Group, is a fight being fought on many fronts that first and foremost requires general awareness to be raised internally. Indicators monitoring progress are displayed, for example, in prime position on the intranet. Awareness-raising programs have been organized at all the Group’s facilities. Mersen has also stated its goals externally. Partnerships have been launched with schools and universities. The Group sponsors events held by associations such as the Society for Women Engineers in the United States.

The proportion of women managers went up from 13% at year-end 2008 to around 17% by year-end 2011. The Group’s objective is for 20% of its managers to be women.

A network to promote greater diversity

A women’s network has also been set up called WiN, for Women in MerseN.

It brings together women and men working for the Group who want to commit to a joint project to promote greater diversity through cooperation and mutual assistance. It also aims to become an international network within the Group that can take part in inter-company events and share experiences.

A charter for a better balance between home and working life

The frontiers are increasingly being eroded between home and working life. Mersen is fully aware of this trend and wants to make life easier for employees who are parents. This starts with better integration of maternity leave in the career path of women, by organizing their return to work more efficiently and flexibly. However, it also affects men when the Group offers more flexible working hours to help meet family constraints or difficulties. Certain business segments are experimenting with homeworking to enable employees to organize their week between home and work.