Human capital

Support for seniors

There is a special place for seniors at Mersen. While having experienced employees is a very good thing, arrangements need to be made so that they can pass on their knowledge. And the Group has risen to this challenge by adopting a bold approach.

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Major agreement in a crucial area

The issue of seniors brings into play three key aspects of the Group’s HR policy, i.e. forward planning of jobs and skills, diversity and, lastly, health and well-being in the workplace. Going beyond the Group’s legal obligations, an agreement promoting the employment of those 50 and over was signed with union organizations in France in late 2009. It has added an experience interview to the mid-career professional review to identify the expertise that needs to be passed on to other employees and to make intelligent and progressive arrangements for the latter stages of their working life.

Passing on expertise

The skills, experience and know-how possessed by its employees represent an exceptional source of wealth safeguarding the Group’s ability to move forward and innovate and thus maintain its leadership in the face of increasingly fierce competition around the world.

A number of key positions influence the Group’s performance and expansion are held by seniors who are set to retire over the next few years.

It is thus crucial for the Group to plan ahead for these departures by making sure that their expertise and skills are passed on. In addition, the Group intends to foster a harmonious environment and make sure experience and skills are passed on internally by harnessing every possible means of inter-generational collaboration.

More flexible and highly valued late stages of careers

The Group wants to capitalize to the full on the tremendous potential provided by senior employees who are looking to continue pursuing highly motivating professional activities, while strengthening intergenerational relationships and highlighting their experience and expertise.