Human capital

Labor dialog

Unions and professional organizations represent full-fledged partners for Mersen as it pursues its industrial and human project. The Group has built sustainable relationships with them.

Far-reaching labor dialog right around the world

While adapting to the local legislation, the Group forges far-reaching relationships with its labor partners wherever they exist. At Group level, relationships with labor partners are built notably at the level of employee consultation and exchange bodies. Meetings of the Group Works Committee in France and the European Works Committee provide a forum for dialog with labor partners concerning the Group’s labor situation and strategic priorities.

In addition to these consultation and exchange roles, this partnership model has culminated in the signature of ambitious agreements going well beyond legal obligations. In France, for example, the Group signed three major agreements in 2009: one covering the employment of seniors and two concerning supplementary pensions. This constructive labor dialog and the heavy involvement of both the labor partners and management paved the way for the introduction of wide-ranging initiatives at certain sites, including a retraining program initiated successfully at one of the French sites.