Human capital

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Joining Mersen represents a human adventure that can take you a very long way indeed! A long way in geographical terms, and a long way in terms of honing your expertise and developing your career…

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Work for a group that values its employees

Mobility - Our international dimension provides a genuine prospect of career development. However, the Group also fosters the mobility of its employees in terms of the business lines they work for. Managers are obliged to oversee the development of their employees. As soon as a position becomes free, they are the first to receive the information.

Training - Pursuing an advanced policy of forward planning for jobs and skills, the Group enables all its employees to receive training in order to develop their expertise and acquire new responsibilities.

Compensation and benefits - Mersen has adopted an attractive compensation and benefits policy providing real increases over the long term. Its highly attractive salary packages are supplemented by bonuses and benefits rewarding individual and collective performance.

Personal advancement

Autonomy - To foster creativity and a sense of initiative, each employee has autonomy to act, enabling him or her to put forward proposals in his/her area of expertise.

Safety - Conscious of the vulnerability of the men and women working for it who are highly exposed through their business activities, the Group has a duty to protect them. This responsibility underpins our approach to all our business processes. And it is also the primary focus of our training program.

• Employee well-being and health - Mersen is above all a tightly bonded group that pays attention to the well-being of all its employees by emphasizing user-friendly work stations, efforts to combat the laboriousness of tasks, prevention of stressful situations and a friendly approach.