Human capital

Personal fulfillment and well-being

Mersen is a collection of men and women sharing a pleasant working environment. The Group respects all of their personal attributes and entrusts them with all the powers they need. We firmly believe that a fulfilled employee is an efficient employee.

Mersen - human capital - integration

Well-being and health in the workplace
The significance of our human capital philosophy comes fully into play in the workplace. When an employee joins Mersen, it is usually for a long time. One of the principal reasons for this is no doubt the attention paid to the overall well-being of its employees.

Realization of personal goals
For Mersen, all its employees must be able to realize their potential and achieve their development goals. There is a special place for everyone in the Group, and each employee plays a crucial role, at every level. Entrusted with significant autonomy and encouraged to take the initiative and use their creativity, Mersen’s employees grow with and in the business. Through the regular mobility and training opportunities it offers, the Group does everything it can to give its employees the freedom they need to realize their professional potential.