Human capital

Realization of personal goals

For Mersen, all its employees must be able to realize their potential and achieve their development goals. The Group increases its ability to innovate through the trust it places in each employee, the scope they are given to take the initiative and the numerous ways in which it looks after them.

Mersen - Human capital - Realization of personal goals

Assignments performed with a high degree of autonomy

Mersen emphasizes two routes toward professional fulfillment: autonomy and content of duties. The Group has always fostered a culture of initiative-taking by individuals. All its employees, within the clearly defined scope of their duties, enjoy complete freedom and the full backing to perform their role. And these duties always provide interesting meetings and exchanges in a Group characterized by such a high degree of cultural diversity and the variety of its business activities.

A stimulating environment for individuals

Mersen fosters collective endeavors in the form of teams working in project mode with members from all four corners of the globe. These global exchanges enrich individual employees and naturally challenge them to perform even better. Two contests are held every year concerning two key themes for the Group. One is innovation and the other is the 5S program. Quality, safety and organization are thus addressed from the perspective of continuous improvement.

Genuine opportunities for advancement

Aside from fostering a rich and stimulating day-to-day environment, Mersen holds genuine appeal for individuals. Careers at the Group tend to be long and full of opportunities for those looking to acquire new skills, or to move from one region to another or from one business to another. A system promoting mobility underpinned by sophisticated individual career tracking helps employees build their career by receiving training on a regular basis.