Human capital

Well-being and health in the workplace

The tradition of strong employee relationships is alive and well at Mersen. This is certainly why its employees often spend a long part of their career with the Group.

Mersen - human capital - career

Work hard and have fun–for an entire career

Long-serving employees, very low staff turnover and 30% of employees aged fifty or over are all indicators emphasizing that Mersen is a good group to work for.

Small size for maximum cohesion: a Group on a human scale

The Group maintains in a modern manner the tradition of warm and friendly relationships in the workplace based on companionship. Mersen is able to do so because it operates on a human scale. The Group is fairly small from a global perspective, but first and foremost it keeps things simple and forges close professional relationships.

Well-being in the workplace

To entrench and enhance this general impression of a positive labor climate, Mersen has launched a diagnostic assessment of its employees’ health and well-being. Conducted by an independant organization, this survey has first been launched in France, and then in the United States and in China.

All employees were asked questions on an anonymous basis by this independent polling organization. The questions covered topics as diverse as physical working and living conditions, professional relationships, commitment to work, employees’ view of the Group’s commitment to health and safety, and their confidence in the future.

This fundamental program is not confined to taking a snapshot of the current situation. Based on the results of this survey, action plans have been implemented to improve employees’ well-being in the workplace.