Human capital

Safety the top priority

As it is exposed to the risks inherent in any industrial activities, Mersen works tirelessly to protect its employees. Each tier of management is called upon to take action as part of a global chain of responsibility.

Mersen - human capital - safety

A strong commitment to health and safety that can be summed up in seven points:

Mersen’s management believes that every accident can be avoided and that each risk can be prevented. It is committed to excellence in health and safety in the workplace for all its employees.

A structured annual health and safety action plan:

Each aspect of the management system is backed up by action plans implemented by Executive management on the recommendation of the Group Safety Committee.

Resources and implementation of rigorous methods:

  • A health and safety director responsible for coordinating deployment of Group standards and delivering assistance and coaching to operational teams.
  • A Group Health and Safety Committee comprising Plant Managers, responsible for laying down action guidelines and auditing sites.
  • Health and safety standards deployed across the entire Group (risk analysis, safety inspections, annual prevention plan, analysis of accidents, safety passport, etc.)

A steering and monitoring process:

  • A monthly health and safety review by Executive management (analysis of results, steering of action plans, etc.)
  • An annual program of corporate audits making it possible to assess the performance of plants and issue strict recommendations.
  • A program of cross-audits in each geographical area, the key goal being the exchange of best practices.