Global expert in electrical power and advanced materials, Mersen designs innovative solutions to address its clients’ specific needs to enable them to optimize their manufacturing performance in sectors such as energy, transportation, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and process industries.

The Groups is active in Canada since 1954 and has 4 production sites, one of which is dedicated to manufacturing of industrial heat sinks for the power electronics industry.

All of the Group’s products are sold in Canada.

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The high temperature activity mission consists in engineering materials and innovative solutions for its customers in the following environments: high temperature, corrosion and mechanical wear. Mersen offers also locally an efficient machining service, available in more than 35 countries.

High temperature thermal insulation

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Mersen's expertise is demonstrated in the energy efficiency and thermal control of numerous high temperature industrial processes.

  • Heat treatment: CC composite, graphite and high temperature insulation for high temperature furnace construction
  • Wafer manufacturing: high temperature insulation for CZ puller and DSS furnace
  • Polysilicon manufacturing: high temperature insulation in silicon production process (Siemens process deposition reactor, STC recycling reactor, fluidized bed reactor)
  • Directional solidification (turbine blade casting)
  • Optical fibre drawing: High temperature insulation for fiber optic drawing furnace

Its range of thermal insulation materials includes a variety of rigid and flexible insulation materials that can be coated or impregnated.

 Rigid insulation material: CALCARB® high performance insulation for high temperature furnace

CALCARB® is made up of carbon fibers measuring just a few millimeters in length, interconnected in a matrix produced by the carbonization of phenolic resin. The material is vacuum-treated at temperatures above 2,000°C to ensure its temperature stability and the absence of outgassing.
CALCARB® provides the best thermal insulation properties at a high temperature, making it the material of choice among our customers concerned about the energy efficiency of their process


⇒ Rigid thermal protection: ISOLOR®

ISOLOR® is manufactured from a patented assembly of low-density expanded graphite foam and flexible graphite. This assembly can be used to produce plane and cylindrical structures through various processes, offering excellent thermal protection and vapor confinement, without the risk of contamination.


 Flexible insulation materials: Flexible carbon fiber felt

In addition to its extensive product range, Mersen also supplies flexible carbon fiber insulating felts that can be shaped or wrapped around cylindrical thermal shields, to further enhance a process' efficiency.

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Rigid carbon insulation

Heat treatment

Silicon wafer manufacturing processes

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Insulation in polysilicon manufacturing processes

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Directional solidification

High temperature optical fibre drawing

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