Compound semiconductor

Beyond the development of the traditional semiconductor industry, the compound semiconductor has opened a new range of electronic applications. A couple years ago, one could find compound semiconductors in limited number of devices like GaAs RF transistors, small LED displays, laser diodes, optical receivers and transmitters.

compound semicondutor Mersen


Today, Compound semiconductor growth is driven by mass consumer applications: LED lighting, flat panel displays, power electronics …

Compound semiconductors are composed of elements from two of more different groups of the periodic table.

A specific process industry has been developed to manufacture them:

  • growth of silicon carbide crystal to manufacture wafers
  • Chemical vapour deposition using metal organic precursors.
  • Molecular beam epitaxy.

Mersen purified and coated specialties are able to answer most of these process requirements:

  • Purity and cleanliness
  • Durability in high temperature atmosphere with hydrogen.
  • Accuracy in the design and machining.

These are the reasons why OEM’s are using Mersen’s purified and coated specialties, as key components for their high technology process equipments.

Thanks to an extended machining capability, Mersen offers also an excellent servicing, all over the world.


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