Aerospace and aeronautics

Mersen is a leading partner for the aerospace and aeronautic industries.

Extreme environmental conditions and strict safety specifications require reliable components and materials.

Resistance to extreme conditions of temperature and abrasion:

Reliable components for strong safety requirements:

At high altitudes, dry and rarefied air requires the use of carbon brushes specially treated to ensure the proper operation of the electric motor.

Mersen has developed carbon brushes dedicated to aerospace applications: carbon brushes impregnated with resins or metal salts or molybdenum disulfide cores.

In the Aerospace propulsion industry, our materials and solutions are also essential to produce key components like turbo-reactor turbine’s blades made from special alloys :

  • EDM
  • metal process

Space optical instruments

Optical instruments for space exploration require precise and stable geometry under temperature variation.
Our expertise in sintered silicon carbide is a key technology, enabling to explore the universe…

Mersen in aeronautics and aerospace

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