Environmental Protection

Supported by a dedicated organization, our environmental policy is based on the responsible use of resources, taking action against climate change and recycling our waste.

Responsible use of resources

In light of increasing global pressure on natural resources, the world is moving from a model of natural resource consumption to a circular approach, where we need to reuse resources as much as possible.

Efficient energy use

For several years Mersen has been taking action to reduce its electricity consumption. Each production site develops its own action plan to control and reduce consumption.

Water consumption and recycling

The Group is seeking innovative ways to improve its water consumption. Mersen primarily uses water to cool equipment used in heating processes and systematically checks its quality before releasing it back into the water system.

Raw materials consumption

The raw materials we use during production can be divided into 2 groups:

  • materials for graphite production: pitch, coke, artificial graphite
  • materials for fuse devices: plastics and copper

Optimizing the use of these resources is an integral part of the Group’s strategy.

Taking action against climate change

The main sources of greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1&2) come from the use of natural gas and electricity in our manufacturing processes. In the future, the Group plans to increase the amount of renewable energy used in order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

At the beginning of 2021, the Group has set an objective of a 20% reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 2025 compared to 2018. 

Reduction of GHG emissions



in 2025 (objective)

Mersen committed with Polar Pod

mersen polar pod

Mersen committed with Polar Pod

Mersen’s collaboration with the Polar Pod to study the world’s climate stability and biodiversity.

Mersen acts against global warming

csr environmental protection mersen

Mersen acts against global warming

Mersen commits to an ambitious target in the fight against global warming. The Group will reduce by 20% the intensity of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Solar power plants at the St Bonnet site (France)

Solar power plants at the St Bonnet site (France)

Solar power plants at the St Bonnet site (France)

Mersen invested in two solar power plants at the St Bonnet de Mure site.


environmental transparency CDP logo


Mersen supports environmental transparency and discloses its emissions data on the CDP platform.


Recycling waste

Efficient waste management plays a fundamental part in Mersen’s efforts to reduce the impact of its industrial sites on the environment, with priority given to increasing the proportion of waste that is recycled each year.

Waste recycling



in 2018



in 2020



in 2021 (objective)