Mersen has changed on May 11, 2016 its governance framework. The Group is now led by a Board of directors and a Chief Executive Officer.

Download the Articles of assocation updated on January 23rd, 2019. 

Code of corporate governance

The Group abides by the AFEP-MEDEF’s code of corporate governance for listed companies. More generally, the Group strives to define and apply rigorously the most exacting rules in terms of transparencyquality of information and checks and balances on powers

The powers exercised by the Board of directors are described in the Internal rules of the Board of directors (in French).

Internal control

The Executive committee of Mersen designs and supervises internal control policy and arrangements. Each business unit manager is then responsible for implementing them. A handbook listing all the minimum internal control procedures is circulated to the entire Group.

Two specialized committees

To control two specific areas of governance that are strategically important for the Group, the Board of directors has set up two committees, namely the Audit and Accounts Committee and the Governance and Remuneration Committee.

Corporate Governance principles are described in the Group's Reference Document.