Managing our suppliers

Supplier Relations Charter

To encourage social and environmental practices throughout its value chain, Mersen formalized its approach with its supplier relations charter.

This charter sets out Mersen's own requirements and encourages its suppliers and subcontractors around the world to implement best practices – including social and environmental practices.

This charter is consistent with Mersen’s commitments to its stakeholders affirmed in its Code of Ethics.

Mersen Purchasing Charter for a Sustainable Supply Chain

purchasing charter Mersen

Mersen Purchasing Charter for a Sustainable Supply Chain

As a major player operating in multiple industrial sectors and around the world, Mersen conducts its business according to ambitious responsible development values and goals and is mindful of the environmental and social practices associated with the development of its products, both within the Group and at its suppliers.

Our goals

In order to speed-up the implementation of a virtuous value chain, Mersen has defined in 2018 priority commitments with quantified objectives:

CSR target Mersen
By 2021 Mersen has committed itself to assessing the sustainable performance of its strategic suppliers, i.e. those making up at least 80% of the value of material purchased.

To become a supplier of Mersen

Mersen formalized a selection process designed to maintain business integrity, in compliance with its Code of Ethics and its Anticorruption Code of Conduct.

Supplier selection is based on objective criteria like ability to meet specification, price competitiveness, quality, logistic innovation but also virtuous social & environmental practices.

A dedicated portal

Supplier relationship is managed through a dedicated portal:

Suppliers are invited to register in the system and keep their information up to date (CSR policy, certification, compliance…).