Market oriented

Mersen’s primary objective is to create value for customers. By leveraging our in-depth market knowledge and close customer relationships, we can capture future trends and effectively support industrial businesses in our five core markets.

Mersen is a supplier of solar and wind energy markets


Mersen actively supports the development of alternative energies and contributes to optimizing conventional power sources. Our solutions enable to improve energy efficiency and maximize durability of consumables while guaranteeing safe and easy maintenance of installations.

We cover the entire solar cell manufacturing process and the electrical protection of solar panels.

We are a leading supplier to the wind power industry, for power conversion and distribution equipment, and safety and security solutions.

Mersen is a partner of semiconductor manufacturers


As a partner to leading power semiconductor manufacturers, Mersen is world-renowned for its premium, ultra-pure graphite products. The quality of our materials and coatings, combined with their high precision machining, are making semi-conductors fabrication processes more efficient.

We also purpose-design components (cooling, bus bar, capacitors and fuses) that help to improve power converter performance. This expertise enables power converters manufacturers to position themselves at the forefront of their end-markets, in such areas as LEDs, speed drives, and power distribution.

Mersen supplies solutions for aeronautics


Mersen offers a wide range of power supply solutions for railroad rolling stock and infrastructure. We also meet the demanding needs of the aerospace industry with components and materials delivering unsurpassed resistance and safety performance. Our unique expertise in sintered silicon carbide sets the standard in space applications.

Mersen also serves the emerging electric vehicle (EV) market with an array of passive battery protection and connection components.

Mersen corrosive chemicals


Mersen supplies the specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries with innovative solutions and systems capable of withstanding highly corrosive process environments and extreme temperatures. Our range of products addresses issues such as corrosion, high temperatures, regulatory and health requirements and cover all stages from process equipment to maintenance.

They are used to circulate and store highly corrosive or hot fluids, with applications in organic chemistry (plastics, silicones, PVC, polyurethane, etc.), inorganic chemistry (gas, pigments, fertilizers, etc.) and fine chemicals (pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, resins and paint).

Mersen is serving process industries


Mersen is supporting the transformation of process industries with innovations focused on energy performance. Our product ranges are sought after by a range of industries in the sector, from metallurgy, casting, glass, oil and mining extraction, cement works, to steelworks and paper mills. They are prized form their ability to combine energy efficiency and continuous process improvement.