Market oriented

Mersen’s number one objective is to create value for its customers. Its in-depth knowledge of its markets and close customer relationships means it is ideally placed to capture future trends and effectively support stakeholders in its five core markets: Energy Electronics Transportation Chemicals Process industries

Mersen partners companies around the world that drive today’s industry and shape tomorrow’s society (50% of sales linked to sustainable development).

Supporting the development of renewable energies

Mersen provides solutions for leading manufacturers in the solar, wind and hydroelectric power industries as well as the energy storage industry.

Its solutions cover each stage of the solar cell production process from electrical protection for panels to the conversion and distribution of the energy produced.

Mersen is a leading supplier to the wind power industry, for conversion and distribution equipment and wind farm safety and security solutions.

+ from Mersen: improved energy efficiency, maximum durability for consumables and easy maintenance for installations.

Mersen Optimizing power electronics performance

Optimizing power electronics performance

Mersen is renowned the world over for the quality of its ultra-pure graphite equipment and insulation solutions for the seminconductor manufacturing.

The Group also designs on-demand components (protection, cooling and interconnection solutions and capacitors) to improve the performance of power converters for speed drives and power distribution. 

+ from Mersen: improved manufacturing process and energy efficiency.

Supporting the development of green (clean) transportation

Mersen develops power supply solutions to improve the performance and reliability of railway rolling stock and infrastructure.

It also serves the emerging electric vehicle (EV) market with an array of passive battery protection and connection components.

+ from Mersen: safe, reliable solutions to match new technical challenges.

Mersen is serving process industries

Driving energy transition

Mersen supports the transformation of process industries with innovation focused on energy performance.