Rich in its diversity

Collaboration based on diversity

We firmly believe that promoting diversity will have a profound and positive impact on our organizations and business.

Diversity is a key asset for Mersen, driving collaboration between teams and sparking creativity so that we can better understand the needs of our customers around the world. To preserve this diversity, our company culture seeks to inspire mutual respect and the appreciation of every individual, whatever their origin, and to combat all forms of discrimination.

The Group has set up a Diversity Committee with the following objectives:

  • Decide on priority actions
  • Implement action plans and monitor the progress of our commitments
  • Share and encourage good practices

Strong commitments

Mersen is signatory of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), joining the global community of companies taking action to promote gender equality and women empowerment, and has joint The Valuable 500, a global initiative for the inclusion of people with disabilities in business.

Luc Themelin Mersen's CEO

Diversity has formed part of the Mersen Group’s values and strategy for a long time now as we believe that having a wide variety of profiles is a real asset and a performance driver. We have decided to adopt a more ambitious gender diversity policy and to promote the integration of disability into the Group's global strategy.

Luc Themelin
Chief Executive Officer

Gender diversity, a source of value creation

The Group's primary objective, the integration of an increasing number of women in all roles, including in production, has led to several initiatives tied to recruitment, professional development, communication, manager awareness, compensation, maternity/paternity leave, organizational change, adaptation of workstations, etc.

Gender diversity – women engineers and managers



in 2018



in 2020


25% - 30%

by 2022 (target)

As the beginning of 2021, the Group has set up a new target:  to increase the proportion of women senior managers from 19.7% at end-2020 to 25% by the end of 2025.

WiN, Mersen network

women in mersen logo

WiN, Mersen network

Created in 2010, the WiN network (Women in MerseN) brings together male and female Group employees who want to work together to promote cooperation and mutual assistance, encouraging growth through greater diversity. In 2019, a Europe-wide network was launched giving new opportunities to meet and reflect on these matters.

The Diversity Committee and the WiN network work to promote the local initiatives already in place. 

In 2021, 37 Group sites took part in the International Women’s Day!

Gender equality index

Gender equality index for French Mersen subsidiaries with a workforce of over 50 people. Based on 2020 data:

  • Mersen France SB: 83
  • Mersen France Amiens: 79
  • Mersen France GV: 69

Cultural diversity, the roots of Mersen

Proximity and success through local management

Present in 35 countries, for many years Mersen has made the diversity of its teams’ origins, training, cultures and ways of thinking one of its quintessential strengths.
While Mersen enjoys a strong corporate culture, it also needs to adapt to local cultures to be truly effective.
That is why virtually all of the Group’s sites are run by local managers. This balance of respect for the Group principles and values and awareness of local realities is what lends substance to the Group’s human dimension.

Geographical diversity



of site managers have local nationality



countries where we operate