Shared Values

Mersen Corporate Culture

At Mersen, our corporate culture is above all a shared vision and a set of shared values that are the result of decades of ethical and responsible development and that shape everything we do. It is what defines us as a human company in the service of technological progress. 

Mersen shared values

Our values and our way of working are based on a sustainable and responsible approach, to the quality of our products, to our delivery and turnaround times and to our costs, but also to health, safety, the environment and our engagement as a company. 

At Mersen, they are all connected: lasting development requires a globally responsible approach.

Our values are the cornerstones of a Group culture that is strong, recognized and attractive:

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • People-conscious
  • Agility & Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Partnering with our customers

Surveys are regularly carried out to compare these values with those encountered on a daily basis by Mersen employees.

In 2020, 91% of employees said they were proud to belong to the Group.

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