Graphilor® bursting discs

Graphilor® burst disc, your tailored overpressure protection (burst pressure, corrosion...)

Mersen, as experts in materials, offers a comprehensive range of Graphilor® bursting discs.

Burst discs are pressure relief devices utilized to protect equipment wherever pressurized equipment is used.

Mersen is recognized as a leader in designing and manufacturing graphite bursting discs. Our expertise ensures you receive the most suitable bursting discs according to your process constraints.


GRAPHILOR®, a resin-impregnated graphite developed and patented by Mersen, is virtually impervious to most corrosive liquids and vapours within its temperature/pressure rating. Graphilor® is a unique material insensitive to thermal shocks.

Our broad range of bursting discswith or without removable membranes, is designed for use in accordance with various pressures.

All Mersen bursting discs are subject to control and comply with international certifications.

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Graphilor® bursting discs

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