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In addition to the meetings with shareholders that the Group holds regularly, Mersen sends out to its shareholders a semi-annual letter to provide insight into the Group, its strategy, its business lines and its Fundamentals.

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Dear fellow shareholder,

Building on the strong momentum that began in 2017, Mersen delivered a remarkable performance in 2018, with significant growth in sales and operating margin before non-recurring items, the completion of several strategic acquisitions and the launch of new investment programs to pave the way for future development. These positive results mean we are able to offer our shareholders a significantly higher dividend of €0.95 per share, which reflects the Group’s robust situation and confidence in its prospects.

From a financial markets perspective, 2018 was less favorable and more prone to volatility over the year. Tensions in international trade and other geopolitical uncertainties impacted heavily on stock markets the world over and on Mersen, despite its excellent results. It is important that we continue to promote the Group’s strengths of global operations, a strong position in rapidly expanding markets, a substantial customer base and recognized expertise.

Underpinned by the investments made in preparation for 2019 and 2020 and a strong dynamic in our three key geographical regions, which are now almost equal in size, Mersen’s medium-term prospects are bright and we look forward to continued growth across all of our fast-growing markets.

Thank you for your confidence in Mersen.

Luc Themelin,
Chief Executive Officer