Legal notice

Personal Data Protection Policy

1. Introduction

Mersen Corporate Services SAS (hereinafter “Mersen”) is committed to safeguarding privacy and personal data, and encourages anyone about whom or from whom personal data is collected or requested (hereinafter “Data Subjects”) to carefully read and familiarize themselves with the terms of this personal data protection policy.

Headquartered in France and handling data that concerns residents of the European Union, Mersen also complies with the fundamental principles of the revised version of the French data protection law of January 6, 1978 and European Regulation no. 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

This privacy policy seeks to protect personal data and applies to all Mersen Group entity and subsidiary employees responsible for the management of personal data, from its collection and processing to its use, distribution, transfer and storage (hereinafter “Data Controllers”). This policy guarantees a high level of personal data protection in all countries.

The purpose of this policy is to provide an overview of the way in which Mersen operates with a broad spectrum of Data Subjects (customers, external service providers, prospective clients, etc.). Accordingly, not all provisions may apply to you.

Mersen Corporate Services SAS has a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who can be contacted by post or by email:

  • Mersen, Trinity Tower - 1 bis place de la Défense - 92400 Courbevoie - France

Mersen collects and processes personal data to the extent that:

  • the data is needed for the performance of a contract to which the Data Subject is party or is needed to complete the steps to be taken before a contract can be signed;
  • the data is required for compliance with the regulatory obligations to which Mersen is subject;
  • the data was collected with the Data Subject’s consent;
  • the data was collected in Mersen’s legitimate interests (notably in order to promote Mersen and analyze website traffic).

When the processing of personal data requires a Data Subject’s consent, Mersen obtains that consent through a specific procedure.

2. Personal data collection

The categories of data collected depend on the purposes for which the data is processed. When your data is collected by Mersen via a form or questionnaire, any mandatory information required to perform a related service is indicated by an asterisk.

Generally speaking, the categories of data collected by Mersen are as follows: identifying data (first and last names, contact details, nationality, etc.), data about your interests, email address, data about your professional life, payment information and data about job candidates’ qualifications and experience.

Most data is collected by Mersen directly from Data Subjects. However, your data may also be transferred to Mersen by its commercial partners and notably by recruitment and temp agencies.

3. Personal data processing

We process personal data for the following purposes:

  • to enable Mersen to respond to website user requests, in particular regarding job applications;
  • to develop content and improve the Mersen website and provide any technical support to users;
  • to conduct business development and marketing operations;
  • to generate marketing statistics;
  • to manage contractual relationships with Data Subjects and/or the company that employs them;
  • to manage recruitment;
  • to contact Data Subjects regarding Mersen products or services;
  • to analyze Data Subject information in order to develop new products or services and improve existing ones.

The table below summarizes the main purposes for which Mersen processes personal data and the legal basis for that processing:

Purpose Legal basis
Managing contracts with clients, suppliers and partners (including management of orders, payments and any disputes) Performing contractual relationships or our legitimate interest for data that exceeds what is strictly needed to perform contractual relationships 
Business development Our legitimate interest or your consent if required by the applicable regulations
Recruitment Our legitimate interest 
Managing contact requests Our legitimate interest 
Monitoring your interests (cookies) Our legitimate interest or your consent if required by the applicable regulations
Managing customer opinions and satisfaction surveys  Our legitimate interest 
Monitoring and managing governance (notably managing investor/shareholder relations) Meeting our regulatory obligations
Assessing suppliers  Meeting our regulatory obligations
Managing disputes  Our legitimate interest 

Clarifications regarding the personal data management policy for job applications (solicited and unsolicited):

Data Subjects are informed that job applications can only be processed if all the questions preceded by an asterisk are duly answered. Candidates who fail to answer all the mandatory questions may compromise their application. All other answers are optional and have no effect on their application. Candidates are free to decide whether or not to answer a given question.

In accordance with the French Labor Code (Code du travail), candidates are duly informed that Mersen’s recruitment procedure is as follows:

  • applications are made to Mersen using the online form in the careers section of the website;
  • they are reviewed by the HR department of the recruiting entity within one week of being sent;
  • candidates who do not receive a reply from Mersen within three weeks should assume that their application has not been successful;
  • the HR department may contact candidates by any means of communication indicated (telephone or email);
  • personal data, CVs and cover letters are processed electronically and stored for six months as of their receipt or from the last communication with candidates;
  • the data provided is processed confidentially.