Graphilor® graphite bursting discs

GRAPHILOR®, Mersen's isostatic graphite to resist highly corrosive applications

Bursting discs are pressure relief devices installed to protect pressurized Equipment.

Mersen materials expertise, enables us to offer a comprehensive range of GRAPHILOR® bursting discs.

GRAPHILOR®, a resin-impregnated graphite developed and patented by Mersen, is impervious to most corrosive liquids and vapours within its temperature/pressure rating. GRAPHILOR® is a unique material resistant to thermal shocks.

Mersen's comprehensive range of bursting discs

Mersen is recognized as an expert in the design and manufacturing of graphite bursting discs. Our expertise ensures you receive the most suitable bursting discs for your process conditions.

Our wide range of bursting disc designs, including one piece or replaceable membrane, depending on the size and pressure requirements.

All Mersen bursting discs are subject to control and comply with international standards and certification.

Did you know ?

Did you know that the graphite bursting discs are often installed at the top of the Aircraft kerosene tank?  Mersen graphite bursting discs are safety components used to protect against accidental pressure or vacuum by instantaneous opening at the specific burst pressure. Mersen graphite bursting discs withstand pressure from 0,07 to 100BarG and resist corrosion.



Bursting discs range

graphite bursting disks mersen

Bursting discs range

Mersen offers a complete range of graphite bursting discs depending of your application, the planned utilization, the operating conditions, etc.

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Graphilor® bursting discs

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