Graphite blocks heat exchangers

Graphilor Bloc Mersen
Polybloc graphite heat exchanger Mersen
Polybloc graphite heat exchanger Mersen

Blocks heat exchangers from Polybloc® range based on isostatic graphite

Mersen has designed and manufactured Polybloc® for over 50 years with more than 10 000 units in service in more than 50 countries.



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Polybloc: Why Mersen ?

  • Large corrosion resistance : top of the class quality of graphite together with impregnation
  • Long lifetime with the quality of Graphilor® isostatic graphite combined with the impregnations (phenolic,carbon or full PTFE)
  • Flexibility with Modular design
  • Easy maintenance with an easy dismantled system
  • After-Sales Service on 3 continents ; more than 20 Repair Shops

Product information

  • Design temperature up to 400°C
  • Large exchange surface areas (up to 300 m²) with high heat transfer
  • Design for high pressure up to 16 barG (service) and 12 barG (process)
  • Large range of blocks sizes up to 1,500mm diameter
  • Design options such as mutli-pass arrangements possible for both process and service sides