Graphite blocks heat exchangers

Graphilor Bloc Mersen
Polybloc graphite heat exchanger Mersen
Polybloc graphite heat exchanger Mersen

Blocks heat exchangers from Polybloc® range based on isostatic graphite

Mersen has designed and manufactured Polybloc® for over 50 years with more than 10 000 units in service in more than 50 countries.



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Polybloc: Why Mersen ?

  • Large corrosion resistance : top of the class quality of graphite together with impregnation
  • Long lifetime with the quality of Graphilor® isostatic graphite combined with the impregnations (phenolic,carbon or full PTFE)
  • Flexibility with Modular design
  • Easy maintenance with an easy dismantled system
  • After-Sales Service on 3 continents ; more than 20 Repair Shops

Product information

  • Design temperature up to 400°C
  • Large exchange surface areas (up to 300 m²) with high heat transfer
  • Design for high pressure up to 16 barG (service) and 12 barG (process)
  • Large range of blocks sizes up to 1,500mm diameter
  • Design options such as mutli-pass arrangements possible for both process and service sides


Focus on Graphite block heat exchangers for Pickling application

Did you know ?

With 60 years' experience in designing heat exchangers for pickling baths, Mersen can offer you the best solution: PTFE impregnated Graphite heat exchangers impregnated with PTFE core for stainless steel, or graphite or tantalum heat exchangers for carbon steel. With more than 1000 exchangers in operation, Mersen is your specialist. 


Mersen graphite blocks heat exchanger