PTFE, PFA and FRP lined piping and fitting

Armylor® PTFE or PFA lined piping, pipes, PTFE fittings and PTFE bellows for the chemical industry

The PTFE lined pipes or the PFA lined piping and the PTFE fitting are recognized as the ideal solutions for conveying or processing highly corrosive fluids under severe conditions. The PTFE lining or the PFA liner is chemically inert and resists the majority of corrosive fluids up to 230°C.

Mersen's expertise

Since 1964, Mersen has supplied an extensive range of  PTFE piping or PFA pipes and PTFE fittings to in excess of a thousand chemicals producers world wide.

Mersen is a manufacturing expert in the 3 lining technologies:

  • Extrusion of PTFE fine powders
  • PFA injection
  • PTFE isomoulding

Armylor® PTFE lined pipes and PFA piping provide several advantages:

  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • PTFE / PFA seamless linings
  • Easy installation, as no gasket required  
  • Low natural permeability rate
  • Possibility for custom made pieces with complex geometry

DN1050 mm PTFE lined bellows

Mersen Pagny recently designed and manufactured a batch of several DN1050 mm PTFE lined bellows for a major player in French chemistry. Mersen offers two ranges of bellows: a standard range with 3 and 5 convolutions and a vacuum-resistant range with 3 convolutions. The diameters range from DN20 to DN1050mm.

Mersen PTFE lined bellow

PTFE/PFA pipe and fittings

PTFE lined pipes Mersen

PTFE/PFA pipe and fittings

Mersen's PTFE / PFA lined pipe and fittings are resistant to corrosion, full vacuum and high pressure during corrosive liquid handling

PTFE bellows and compensators

Mersen PTFE compensator high pressure

PTFE bellows and compensators

PTFE Expansion joint with carbon Steel Flanges (Armylor® process)

PTFE manifolds and special items

manifolds special items Mersen

PTFE manifolds and special items

Mersen's anticorrosive special items with or without antistatic coating: manifold valve, PTFE pipe, multi outlet…

PTFE/PFA special jacketed piping

double wall pipe PTFE coating Mersen

PTFE/PFA special jacketed piping

Mersen's double wall pipe with PTFE coating for chemical industry: corrosion resistant tube for fluid transport

PTFE dip pipes

Curved dip pipe antistatic PTFE Mersen

PTFE dip pipes

Mersen: dip pipe in carbon steel and Armylor® PTFE for columns and chemical reactors

Tantalum piping and special items

titanium tantalum zirconium  special items Mersen

Tantalum piping and special items

Mersen's metallic pipe and special items in reactive metals: butterfly valves, venturi tubes, thermowells, high vacuum fittings…

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