Vitreous carbon

Glassy carbon material for laboratory crucibles and medical components

In addition to graphite and composites, Mersen also manufactures another material with remarkable properties, glassy or vitreous carbon.

It is achieved by the carefully controlled carbonisation of a resin.

Like glass, it transforms into a pure carbon solid without any crystalline organisation. This process can be used to produce shaped parts of limited size. 

Vitreous carbon exhibits exceptional properties:

  • Remarkable leak resistance, unlike glass.
  • Unequalled resistance to chemical agents.
  • Resistance to oxidation up to 600 °C in air.
  • A biocompatible material.

Laboratory and medical components

This material is used in the manufacture of laboratory and measuring equipment that must be able to resist multiple chemical agents in extreme temperature conditions.

Furthermore, this material can also be used to create composites in the field of biomedical engineering (pacemaker electrode, etc.).


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Vitreous carbon

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