Mersen CFC trays

Aerolor® 2,5D CFC loading trays for aggressive Heat Treatment process

Heavy-Duty fixtures made of Aerolor® 2,5D Carbon Fiber Composite for aeronautics and automotive industries.  

2,5D Carbon Fiber Composite loading trays have a flexible design and an extra-long lifetime. They are mainly used for aluminizing and oil quenching loading trays solutions.

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Mersen R&D team, together with our experts in heat treatment have developed a 2,5D composite with even higher performance than the common 2D Carbon/ Carbon material. 

2.5D CFC has outstanding performance

  • Incredible resistance to delamination and mechanical shocks due the 3-D direction reinforcement.
  • Lowest reactivity (among all graphite materials) to oxidizing gases and chemical substances.
  • Low micro-porosity giving low oil absorption properties.
  • Extra long life for a significant impact on your overall cost of ownership.

All the CFC components can be purified to 5-20 ppm, which allows them to be used in processes that requires a low purity level.
Coating: a wide range of CFC coating technologies and finishes available for anti-dust; anti-oxidation; anti-carburization and ceramic coat.

2D CFC loading trays for standard heat treatment processes

Carbon Fiber Carbon Composite (CFC) also referred to as Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbon composite (CFRC) is an advanced material that is made of carbon fibres and a carbon matrix. It combines the desirable properties of the two constituent carbon materials.

The Carbon matrix (heat resistance, chemical resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, high-thermal conductivity, low electric resistance) and the Carbon Fiber (highstrength, high elastic modulus) are molded together to form a better combination material.

CFC loading trays key benefits: Steel vs Aerolor® CFC Composite


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