Signal transfer system for wind turbines

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Power & pitch control slip rings

The Signal & Power Transfer System is part of the wind turbine's electrical pitch drive system. Also referred to as "pitch rings", or "pitch control slip rings" or "hub slip rings", their purpose is to transfer power and signals to the wind turbine hub and its components. They provide communication and if needed electrical power between the hub and the turbine controller.

A wind turbine constantly adjusts its blade orientation (also called pitch) to both the wind speed and rotation speed to optimize the aerodynamics and maximize power production. Therefore, the accurate control of blade pitch for a wind turbine is critical to proper operation and optimum production.

The robust design and engineered quality of the Mersen's Signal & Power Transfer systems ensures reliable communication / power source between the hub and the turbine controller during operation. The system has been designed to operate reliably under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Mersen is in particular a key partner for the wind power industry, a very demanding market.

The most important features and capabilities of a pitch control slip ring include:

  • High reliability of contact hardware for both the power and the signal transfer
  • Ability to operate under harsh environmental conditions
  • Quick and easy maintenance visits at biannual frequency
  • Plug & play systems with major Wind Turbine OEM approvals
  • IP rated against contaminants in the  nacelle