Columns, reactors and pressure vessels

Columns, pressure vessels and reactors designed to meet your needs

Mersen designs and manufactures pressure vessels, columns (including internals and packing) and reactors in graphite, PTFE lined, reactive metals (tantalum, zirconium) and metals (titanium, nickel alloys) compliant with demanding process constraints such as corrosion, high pressure and high temperature.

Our columns are manufactured in accordance with the following international construction codes: ASME, EN13445, CODAP, AD 2000-Merkblatt

Whatever the constraints of your process, we have the solution within our extensive range of materials


Tantalum reactors

Tantalum reactor Mersen

Tantalum reactors

Reactors can be exposed to extremely corrosion. The corrosion resistance, durability, and heat transfer properties of tantalum makes it an ideal material for challenging applications.

Tantalum pressure vessels should be considered for applications whenever corrosion resistance is a major consideration and when longevity and reliability are required.

Graphite columns and pressure vessels

graphite column mersen

Graphite columns and pressure vessels

GRAPHITE columns offer reliable and corrosion-resistant solutions for the processes in the organic and inorganic chemical industries.
The columns are manufactured with Graphilor® an exclusive impregnated graphite developed by Mersen.

Tantalum cladding Columns and reactors

tantalum column mersen

Tantalum cladding Columns and reactors

Tantalum columns are suitable for the HCl stripping at high pressure

Reactive metals columns

Nickel Alloys column Mersen

Reactive metals columns

Reactive metals: A long experience in the design and fabrication of zirconium, titanium and nickel alloys eactive metal equipment combined with an international material sourcing policy allows Mersen to provide quality and cost-effective solutions.

PTFE lined columns and PTFE lined vessels

PTFE Lined Vessel Mersen

PTFE lined columns and PTFE lined vessels

Armylor® PFTE loose lined columns or pressure vessels combine the corrosion resistance of PTFE and the safety of the seamless lining process together with the mechanical resistance of the steel or stainless steel shell.

Columns internals and packing

column internals Mersen

Columns internals and packing

Internals, packing and small parts: Mersen supplies various internals manufactured from Graphilor®, Fluoropolymer (PTFE, PVDF), metals (tantalum, titanium, nickel alloys, zirconium), or other materials on request

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Reactors, columns, vessels

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