Power slip rings for wind generators

Slip rings for wind generators

Mersen has a long experience about slip ring assemblies for wind generators application and has already equipped thousands of OEMs generators. We currently also repair ring sets and propose retrofit.

Our application experts and engineering teams are permanently in contact with our customers to bring more added values for better performances and reliabilities for 850kw to 9MW wind turbines.


Main characteristics of our slip rings

  • Moulded or machined rings capability
  • Selected materials (non-ferrous alloys, stainless steel, copper alloys)
  • With or without helical grooves
  • Customized designs (3 phase design with grounding ring integrated possible)
  • Finished product compliance (balance, dielectric testing).
  • 170 to 360 mm diameter
  • From 220 to 3000V AC
  • Insulation class H/F