Carbon/Carbon Loading Racks for Heat Treatment

Usage of the Carbon/Carbon composite instead of metal for loading racks allows to:

  • Increase energy efficiency, due to the very low thermal mass of Carbon/Carbon composite, your energy is being spent heating (and cooling) components rather than supports and fixtures.
  • Rapid heat up and cool down, also as a result of the low thermal mass
  • Material lightweight, allows for easier handling
  • No thermal deformation or creep, giving extended lifetime
  • Eliminates sticking of metal parts to rack surface
  • Increase of the productivity



Carbon/Carbon loading trays and baskets are used for thermal treatment processes such as

  • vacuum brazing,
  • annealing,
  • low pressure carburizing,
  • gas quenching of automotive parts,
  • case hardening of steel parts with subsequent oil quenching etc. 

The advantages of Carbon/Carbon composite to cast metallic trays:

Energy saving

Carbon/Carbon trays use 5-10 time less energy than steel.

  • Improved energy efficiency of heat treatment processes with the possibility to reduce heating/cooling cycle.
  • C/C composites do not lose mechanical properties with temperature. Lightweight constructions are possible.

Lightweight construction

  • Density of Carbon/Carbon is 5 times less than steel: easy handling thanks to the weight reduction.

Easy automation. Handling by robots

  • Carbon/Carbon trays have no distortion or thermal creep.
  • CTE of C/C is 10 times less than steel.

Improved quality of treated parts

  • C/C composites have a self-lubricating surface. No sticking/brazing of metal parts to rack surface, therefore no deformation of the metal parts

Cost saving

  • No embrittlement, robust, increased lifetime
  • Increased loading capacity by optimized design
  • Thermal shock resistance increases with temperature