Serie 1 - Graphite bursting disc

Graphite bursting disc with removable and reusable grid supports, ideal for low pressures

The "Series 1" rupture disc has a removable membrane made of graphilor®, Mersen's impregnated graphite. The support and the grid are reusable. Only the membrane has to be changed in case of rupture.

This "Series 1" rupture disc is ideal for low pressures, between 0.07 barg and 0.34 barg, and is available in nominal diameters from 2 to 24" (50 to 600mm).

A vacuum grid is integrated in the support.

Serie 1 - Technical characteristics

  • Graphite bursting disc ideal for low pressure applications
  • Available in nominal diameter from 2 to 24" (50 to 600mm)
  • Rupture pressure ranges from 0.07barg to 0.34barg
  • Tolerance on bursting pressures: +/- 25%.
  • Temperature range: -50°C to 165°C
  • Optional thermal insulation device can be added for high temperature applications (up to 250°C in liquid phase and 350°C in gas phase)
  • Graphilor® is Mersen's impregnated graphite, ensuring a tight seal
  • Stainless steel holder is available as an option
  • A rupture detector is available as an option
  • Designed to be mounted between standard PN10-16 (150Lbs ANSI) flanges
  • Quick service for a shipment within 72 hours upon receipt of the order (subject to availability of raw material)

Serie 1 - Technical Data