Serie 5 - Monobloc graphite bursting disc

Monobloc graphite bursting disc, ideal for very high pressures

The Series 5 Rupture Disc is made of a single block of Mersen's impregnated Graphilor®. Easy to store and assemble, the Series 5 Rupture Disc is ideal for very high pressures, from 1.2 barg to 100 barg, and is available in active diameters from 1 to 24" (25 to 600mm).

Serie 5 - Technical characteristics

  • Graphite bursting disc ideal for very high pressures
  • Available in active diameter from 1 to 24" (25 to 600mm)
  • Rupture pressure ranges from 1.2barg to 100barg
  • Tolerance on bursting pressure: +/- 25%.
  • Temperature range: -50°C to 165°C
  • Graphilor® is Mersen's impregnated graphite, ensuring tightness
  • A break detector is available as an option
  • Designed to be mounted between standard PN10-16 (150Lbs ANSI) or PN25/40/50/100 (300Lbs et 600Lbs ANSI) flanges
  • Quick service for a shipment within 72 hours upon receipt of the order (subject to availability of raw material)

Serie 5 - Technical data