Serie 5 - Monobloc graphite bursting disc

Monobloc graphite bursting disc, ideal for very high pressures

The Series 5 Rupture Disc is made of a single block of Mersen's impregnated Graphilor®. Easy to store and assemble, the Series 5 Rupture Disc is ideal for very high pressures, from 1.2 barg to 100 barg, and is available in active diameters from 1 to 24" (25 to 600mm).

Serie 5 - Technical characteristics

  • Graphite bursting disc ideal for very high pressures
  • Available in active diameter from 1 to 24" (25 to 600mm)
  • Rupture pressure ranges from 1.2barg to 100barg
  • Tolerance on bursting pressure: +/- 25%.
  • Temperature range: -50°C to 165°C
  • Graphilor® is Mersen's impregnated graphite, ensuring tightness
  • A break detector is available as an option
  • Designed to be mounted between standard PN10-16 (150Lbs ANSI) or PN25/40/50/100 (300Lbs et 600Lbs ANSI) flanges
  • Quick service for a shipment within 72 hours upon receipt of the order (subject to availability of raw material)

Serie 5 - Technical data

What are the advantages of monobloc graphite rupture discs?

The monobloc graphite rupture discs are made in one piece, so they take up very little storage space. Installation is quick and easy.
The monobloc design ensures intrinsic tightness, compared with other multi-part solutions. Mersen's Series 5 is ideal for very high pressures, withstanding up to 100 bar at 20°C.  And last but not least, monobloc disks are less expensive.
Mersen offers a wide range of graphite rupture discs to suit a variety of applications and environments.