After-Sales and Maintenance for Anticorrosion Equipment

MERSEN is present alongside our customers during installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, corrective maintenance and consulting / diagnostics. Our network of experts is committed to develop unique solutions to your specific requests and problems


With service centres around the globe, Mersen supports a full range of customer services. Mersen’s Quick Service Centres are strategically located to provide local facilities, together with the services required to maximize equipment lifetime and keep your processes in operation.

READY-To-SHIPPED” spare parts

To ensure a long service lifetime and the maximum availability of our process equipment, both graphite and numerous other spare parts are held on stock. They are ready to be delivered anywhere in the world at short notice. Dedicated spare parts for particular customers can also be proposed.


With more than 50-years’ experience in the design and manufacture of graphite process equipment and HCL-based systems, Mersen is recognized as a worldwide leading company in these applications and you can benefit from our core technical expertise and highly experienced team of engineers and field technicians. Mersen is committed to provide the service that meets your demands and suitable solutions, within the time-frames required.

Repairs & Service : Before and After

Shots of a Tantalum Heat Exchanger from a steel mill. This repair work and leak testing was performed by Mersen Service Center in Gonzales, Louisiana, USA in their climate-controlled Reactive Metal Equipment Repair Room. 

Mersen Graphite Repair Service




Sales & Engineering

Lagerhausstrasse 7-9

T: +49 (0) 60 517 1037

ACE-France Pagny-sur-Moselle

Sales & Service Centers

France, Eastern Europe and Middle East

1 rue Jules Ferry
54530 - Pagny-sur-Moselle

T: +33 (0)3 83 81 60 81


Sales & Service center
540 Branch Drive VA
24153 SALEM

T: +1 540 389-7535

ACE-China Xianda

Sales & Services center
201411 Shanghai

T: +86 21 57 52 77 77

Mersen Tantalum Service Center

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