Polytube Graphite Shell and Tube Heat exchanger

Polytube graphite shell and tube heat exchangers are suitable for heating, cooling, condensing, evaporating or absorbing large flow rates of ultra-corrosive chemicals.

This type of graphite heat exchanger is particularly versatile

All conceivable applications are possible.

Graphilor® 3 graphite tubes are extruded, sintered and thoroughly impregnated with phenolic resin. Graphite tube sheets are manufactured from graphite block material. The tubes are cemented into the graphite tube sheets to produce the tube bundle which is inserted into the shell. The heat transfer takes place by heat conduction through the graphite tube walls between the process side and the service side.

Polytube features

  • Heat Transfer area up to 1850 m2
  • Tube Sheet Diameter up to 2100 mm
  • Design Pressure: up to 7 barg on process side and up to 11 barg on service
  • Design Temperature up to 220°C
  • 1:1 Substitution: same Footprint as Heat Exchangers from other Original Equipment Manufacturers

Polytube advantages

  • N°1 worldwide producer of graphite tubes with 50-years of experience
  • Large Heat Transfer Area
  • Longest monolithic Graphite Tubes in the industry
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Outstanding mechanical strength certified by TÜV SUD
  • Unique 6-meter jointless graphite tubes
  • Protection against Erosion

Applications for Graphite shell and tube Heat Exchanger

  • Cooling, Heating, Condensation, Evaporation (Falling Film or Thermosiphon) and Absorption of ultra-corrosive fluids
  • Heavy Chemistry: Phosphoric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Hydrometallurgy, Vinyl Chloride Monomer, Epichlorohydrin, Plastics, Viscose, Aramid fiber, and many more…
  • Fine Chemistry, Specialty Chemistry, Pharmacy: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Crop Protection, Fumed Silica, Silicones, Flavors and Fragrances, Vitamins, and many more…