Brush-holders for generators & alternators

Mersen: brush-holders for generators and alternators

Mersen supplies the OEM and spare part markets.

We offer a wide range of brush-holders (metric and imperial systems) as well as dedicated services (refurbishing, re-design, brush-holders replacement, components replacement).

Our ranges of flange brush-holders for wind generators, BUNG for hydro generators, plug sets for turbo generators are worldwide renowned.

Mersen’s plug sets ensure a perfect contact between the rings and the carbon brushes at very high speeds and enable safe brush replacement (when used with the required PPE).

Generators and alternators: applications

  • Diesel Electric Locomotives (alternators)
  • Aerospace (generators and alternators)
  • Wind mills (alternators)
  • Hydro-electric plants (generators)
  • Conventional thermal power (turbo generators)
  • Chemical Industry (alternators)
  • Ports & marine (ships)
  • Mining (draglines, electrical trucks, shovels)
  • Oil & Gas (offshore oil rig alternators)
  • Process industries (pulp & paper, steel, cement, sugar plants)