Distillation, desorption, stripping

Corrosive gas into acid solution by absorption with water


The typical uses of pure HCl gas are high purity silicon for solar cell or electronics applications. HCl gas used in organic chemistry and various metallurgical processes.

Product info

  • Production of HCl gas > 6 barG by stripping unit
  • Process equipment manufactured in corrosion-resistant material such as Graphilor®3, Tantalum CL-Clad® or Armylor®
  • Armylor® piping
  • Instrumentation
  • Engineering documentation
  • Option: skid-package

Capacity range : 1,5 to 200 t/d on 100% HCl basis

Customer benefit

  • Customized solution to optimize your Capex / Opex according to your utilities
  • Proven-in-use solution
  • Experienced partner
  • Reliable and corrosion-resistant solution