Carbon/Carbon Parts for Hot Glass Handling

Cerberite® for the Glass Industry

MERSEN has decades of experience in the production of dead-plates, transfer fingers, sweep-out fingers and stacker bars made from Cerberite® CM20 and CM80 composite.

Unique Cerberite® CM20 and CM80 composite grades differ from the common Carbon/Carbon materials by the pyrolithic graphite matrix and reinforcement in the third direction which gives it incredible resistance to oxidation and a significant increase in lifetime.

Lifetime is usually doubled in comparison to conventional Carbon/Carbon composites.

Advantages to other composite grades:

Higher lifetime, less maintenance stops and improved product quality

  • High resistance to vibration and mechanical shock due to the reinforcement in the 3-D direction
  • Lowest reactivity (among all graphite materials) to oxidizing gases and chemical substances due to the pyrocarbon matrix
  • Less impact of degraded composite surface on glass


Advantages to metal:

Clean process without oil

  • Carbon/Carbon doesn’t need any oil or lubrication system: your process is cleaner without oil contamination
  • Requested to be FDA compliant
  • Carbon/Carbon improves quality as there is no metal contact, and therefore no contamination, between glass and metal

More economical in comparison to metal

  • Carbon/Carbon could replace expensive tungsten for some parts